How To Get Rid Of Gnats From Your Home

Summertime is perfect for picnics, patio parties, and outdoor spending. However, with the good comes the bad – namely, pesky bugs. If you’re dealing with gnats in your home, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Ortex Pest Control is here to show you how to get the gnats away from your home so you and your family can enjoy the warm weather. Get amazed by our range of services.

What Do Gnats Do?

Gnats are small, fly-like insects that can be a nuisance indoors or outdoors. There are many different species of gnats, and they can vary in size, color, and habitat. Some common indoor species include fruit flies and drain flies. Outdoor species, such as sand flies and black flies (fungus gnats), include those that bite.

Gnats typically live for around two to three weeks, but this can vary depending on the species and the environment. Females lay eggs in damp areas, such as soil or decaying organic matter. The larvae emerge a few days later and begin to feed on microbes in their surroundings. After a few molts, they pupate and emerge as adults. 

  • Gnats are attracted to moisture and thrive in humid environments.
  • They can be a nuisance to both people and plants.
  • Some gnats also transmit diseases to plants, causing them to wilt and die.

How Do Infestations With Gnats Begin?

Pest control is important to protect our homes, businesses, and communities. Not only do pests pose a health risk by spreading diseases and transmitting parasites, but they can also cause significant property damage and disrupt daily activities.

Many different types of pests infest our homes and businesses. Most often, homeowners will notice an infestation of gnats when they begin to see insects flying around their plants. There are many different types of gnats, but they all have something in common: they love damp, wet environments. 

  • Gnats are attracted to standing water, so infestations often begin near water sources, such as leaky pipes or drainage ditches. 
  • Gnats also lay their eggs in damp soil, so areas with high humidity or poor drainage are also at risk for infestations. 
  • Once established, gnat populations can quickly get out of control, especially if ample food and water sources are nearby. This will produce continuous fungus gnat larvae.
  • They may be in your home’s foundation, walls, windows, or doors with cracks or holes. Gnats frequently populate garbage cans, rotten fruit, and other wet areas with degrading organic matter.

Gnat Prevention

Here are some suggestions and tips to prevent a future infestation after you have treated your gnat problem.

After Meals, Clean Up The Food And Beverages

The most crucial step in gnat prevention is cleaning up food and beverages. Gnats are attracted to sugary substances, so keeping food and drinks covered when not used is essential. In addition, be sure to empty trash cans regularly and wipe down countertops and tables.

Use A Sealed Trash Can And Take Out Your Trash Every Night

A trash can with a lid is an effective way to keep gnats away from food and beverages. Be sure to empty the trash can regularly and wipe down the inside and outside surfaces.

Place Fruit In The Fridge

Gnats are attracted to ripe fruit, so keeping your fruit in the fridge will make it less appealing. You should remove any decaying fruit from your home as soon as possible.

Remove Humidity Both Inside And Outside Of Your Home

You can prevent gnats by reducing humidity in your home. Gnats thrive in moist environments, so increasing ventilation and using a dehumidifier can help to keep them away.

Erect Yellow Sticky Traps As A Preventive Measure

Erecting yellow sticky traps is an effective way to prevent gnats from entering your home in the first place. These traps attract the gnats with a sweet smell and then trap them on the sticky surface. 

Clean Your Drains

It’s also essential to clean your drains regularly to prevent gnats from breeding there. Gnats are attracted to standing water, so it’s necessary to empty any standing water that might be present in your sink or shower drains. You can clean up with the help of a drain snake or plunger. 

Avoid Overwatering Plants

Finally, you should avoid overwatering your plants. Gnats are attracted to moist conditions, so keeping your plants on the drier side will make your home less attractive to them. Instead, water them when needed, and don’t water them just because it’s been a few days since you last did. Again, plants with low water requirements are best to keep at home.

Get Rid Of Gnats From Your Home

There are several techniques to get gnats out of your home if you have an infestation but need more time or the luxury of prevention. To prevent them from reproducing, you’ll also need to identify what initially drew them in and remove their food source.

Employ Fly Paper

Flypaper is an age-old solution to getting rid of flying insects. To employ fly paper, hang paper strips around your home and wait for the gnats to get stuck. This method is effective but can be messy, and it may take a while to catch all of the gnats.

Utilize An Insect Zapper

Bug zappers work by luring insects into an electrified grid, instantly killing them. While this method is very effective, it can also be dangerous if you have small children or pets. So, if you decide to use an insect zapper, be sure to place it out of reach with curious fingers and paws.

Construct A Trap With Apple Cider Vinegar

Gnats are attracted to the sweetness of apples and vinegar—mix water and vinegar (apple cider) in a small bowl or jar to construct a trap. Now add a few drops of dish soap to help break the surface tension of the mixture. The gnats will be drawn to the bowl, but they will be unable to escape once they fall in. Be sure to empty the bowl regularly, as it will fill up quickly with gnats!

Purchase A Chemical Mist

You can purchase a chemical mist at your local hardware store if you want a quick and easy solution. Follow the instructions on the package, and keep children and pets away from the area while spraying with a spray bottle. Chemical mists are effective but can harm people and animals if misused.

The Drain With Hot Water

The best and easiest way to get the gnats out of your home is to pour boiling water down your drains. This will kill any gnats that are living in your gutters, and it will also help to prevent future infestations. Be sure to do this once a week to keep your drains free of gnats.

Employ A Wine Trap

Gnats are attracted to the scent of wine, so set out a small dish near where you’ve seen gnats. The gnats will be drawn to the wine and drown in the dish. Check and replenish the wine as needed.

Install A Candle Trap

To make a candle trap, place a candle in a glass jar and set it on a counter or table near where you’ve seen gnats. The gnats will be drawn to the candle’s light, fly into the jar, and be trapped. Check the trap daily and dispose of the Dead gnats as needed.

Use Rotting Foods To Entice Them

Gnats are attracted to decaying organic matter, so placing a bowl of fruit slices or other rotting food near where you’ve seen them can help lure them in. Once they’re in the bowl, they won’t be able to escape and will eventually die. Just be sure to discard the contents of the bowl once the gnats are gone.

For Drain Flies, Try Using A Diluted Bleach Solution

If your gnat problem comes from your drains, you can try cleaning them with a bleach solution. Mix water and bleach, with low consistency of bleach and more water. Now pour it down the affected drain. Let it sit for 15 minutes before flushing it with hot water. Repeat this process once a week until the problem is gone.

Try Using An Insecticide Spray.

If the infestation is at an extreme level, you may need to resort to an insecticide spray. Be sure to choose one specifically designed to kill gnats, as many general insecticides are ineffective against them. Follow the instructions on the bottle carefully, and apply the spray liberally in areas where you’ve seen gnats. Reapply as needed until they’re gone for good.

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