No matter what pest might be tormenting you, Ortex can set up a service program to fit your needs. All products used are EPA tested and approved for your safety and for effectiveness. Quality control and safety is our number-one goal for customer service and satisfaction.

What service will we provide for your pest management plan?

  • Interior service with liquids, bait and monitors
  • Exterior service with liquids, bait, granules, and web-brooming
  • Rodent service with baits, traps, and glue boards
  • Routine pest control maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis

Our pest management programs are designed to give you the best service possible

All services can be customized to your needs, such as, interior or exterior services only, or interior and exterior services. 90% of pests can be controlled with an exterior service, but sometimes Ortex may need to treat inside to gain control of your pest population. Whichever service you prefer, Ortex can fit your needs.

Our service programs can be monthly or quarterly, interior and exterior, or exterior only.

**Quarterly programs are serviced every three months and with our budget billing option, we can provide low-cost monthly billing for you.

Routine service scheduling notifications sent by post card and a service reminder call the night before to ensure there is no conflict with your personal schedule. If an issue arises, our friendly staff are always ready to help reschedule your service date or answer your questions.

Whether you currently have a pest issue or want preventative peace of mind, Ortex is here to serve you.

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