Termites cause approximately $5 billion in property damages per year and can decrease your property value by up to 25%

Termites eat the cellulose of wood, which are the lighter grains of a piece of wood, thereby affecting the integrity of the structure. Termites eat 24 hours a day with colonies of up to 125,000 termites per colony.

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Which termite service is best for you?

Ortex is partnered with BASF using colony elimination products to protect your home or business. Some of the products used are Termidor Liquid Bait and the Trelona Termite Baiting System.

Treatments can consist of a liquid application, installing a baiting system, or liquid and baiting system for optimal protection.

A Termidor liquid treatment can be a standard treatment or a perimeter plus treatment with annual inspections to protect your home. With these application methods, drilling of slabs, brick voids, block voids, and treatment of the soil provides a consistent barrier in and around your home.

The Trelona Baiting System can be installed around your home or business and monitored every six months. Trelona bait stations come preloaded with a colony eliminating bait. Other bait systems tend to include a monitoring disc only, which requires periodic inspections, and with no bait you only know if a problem is immanent, when active termites are closing-in toward your home. The Trelona system we use begins taking effect on the colony as they enter the station. There is no waiting on the next inspection. Colony elimination begins immediately.

Ortex recommends Trelona Baiting Systems to be installed on new homes up to 7 years old as a preventative measure against termites. This method can also be used on homes that are older with minor infestations and/or homes that have been previously treated and not showing any current activity. Once a moderate to heavy infestation has occurred, we recommend a Termidor liquid application treatment along with possibly installing the Trelona Baiting System to not only eliminate the colony, but also to monitor future activity.

Whether you are considering a Termidor liquid application or the Trelona Baiting System, Ortex is here to help with your concerns and to provide the best treatment options for your home.

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