Dampness in your crawlspace is a common problem and can cause significant problems for you, not only with the structure of your home but also to have an effect on our health as well.

Without proper crawlspace sealing, your crawlspace carries humid air that condenses and settles on the pipes, walls, and even the subflooring. This moisture provides the ideal environment for fungus, mildew, and pests.

A crawlspace moisture barrier prevents water from seeping into the air beneath your home. This helps prevent fungus and mildew growth in these moist, dark spaces that can cause respiratory problems.

Moisture barriers are composed of either foil or plastic material which stops this moisture from penetrating through any cracks.

Benefits Of Moisture Barriers

Estructural Protection

The foundation of your home is vital to its structure and soundness. Moisture in crawlspaces can lead to wood rot, particularly on joists and beams. Rotting wood might cause significant structural damage which will cost you a fortune if it's not fixed in time.

By installing moisture barriers effectively, we are able clean up the problem before it has even got worse by reducing the amount of moisture present in your crawlspace which helps prevent any potential future occurrence from happening - protecting the integrity of your home for years to come.

Pest Control

Your unsealed crawlspace may be the perfect place for unwanted visitors to enter your home. Rodents and other wildlife can chew through wood and electrical wires, roaches invade, insects pose health risks - sealing off access with a crawlspace moisture barrier is critical in securing your family's safety from these pests.

Temperature Control

The moisture that seeps through your crawlspace has a negative impact on the temperature of your home. It may make you feel too hot or too cold depending upon the weather, season and other factors.

The humidity either absorbs heat from inside making it uncomfortable to be in, or prevents warmth from escaping which makes for an inefficient HVAC unit running excessively trying to maintain a steady indoor temperature due to lack of air flow into these spaces. Installing a barrier can prevent this problem by sealing off those openings so they don't allow any further water intrusion which will help regulate temperatures indoors while also increasing energy efficiency with reduced need for heating/cooling units

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