Home Mice Control Services

Mice have been known to spread nasty diseases - such as Salmonella and Listeria.

Mice have a need to mark their territory with urine and droppings, which can contaminate food sources. Mice often build nests near these foods to eat the leftovers- putting anyone within an infestation at risk of contracting over 23 diseases spread by mice! When they scurry around your home, mice carry dirt and bacteria on their feet that get transferred onto countertops, pantries or anywhere else it travels.

Mice are prolific breeders and can produce 6-10 litters continuously throughout the year. The greatest economic loss from mice is not due to how much they eat, but what must be thrown out because of damage or contamination.

Food, clothing, furniture books, and many other household items are contaminated by their droppings or urine as well as damaged by their gnawing habits. House mice will chew through electrical wiring which causes fires among a variety of appliances including freezers clothes dryer etc).

Mice also carry diseases such as salmonellosis (bacterial food poisoning when infested with rodent feces).

Sign of Infestation

Mice produce 50-80 tiny droppings per night. You may find them inside or on top of cupboards, along floorboards, and in corners throughout the house.

Grease marks - are left where mice have brushed against walls and floors as they travel around your home at regular intervals; these dark smears can be found near holes leading into the building's wall cavities (often located under appliances), next to doors that lead outside from one room to another within a structure, and also near edges between carpeted areas with hardwood floors beneath it.

Urine - pillars form when grease combined with dirt and urine build up over time - often reaching heights of two inches tall by half an inch wide.

Scratching noises - At night when mice are most active, you may hear scratching noises. Listen for noises between partition walls, under floorboards, in false ceilings, and basements or lofts.

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