Flea Pest Control Services

Fleas are an external parasite of both dogs and cats. The adults consume up to 15 times their body weight in blood per day, making them ravenous. Pets initially become infested when adult fleas occur indoors or outdoors jump on the animal with ease- they can hop about 6 inches high!

Flea's hitch a ride onto passing animals from kennels, groomers, etc., but pets also acquire these pesky insects through stray animals like opossums and raccoons that come wandering into yards near homes.

Flea bites may cause numerous itchy swollen marks that could lead to an allergic reaction in some people. Fleas can bite both humans and animals, which is why they are so difficult to manage. Unfortunately, flea infestations often pose a significant threat because of the time and effort required for treatment; this includes treating infected pets as well as cleaning areas where there has been large-scale activity (such as furniture). Prevention would include regularly applying topical treatments on your pet's skin or using insecticide sprays around the house - these tactics help deter future outbreaks before they happen!

The most serious aspect associated with a flea infestation is usually how much work must go into eradicating them from your home-or even just one pet.

Sign of Infestation

Fleas are very hard to notice individually, but once they start multiplying it's easy enough for them all to jump out at you!

Fleas can be hard to keep off your pet and out of your home. Keep in mind that flea larvae, eggs may not all live on the animal itself. Fleas also like to stay on an animal's underbelly so they're easier for them to transfer from animals when it lies down.

A flea infestation can often be detected by checking the carpet for tiny white eggs. If you find them, put on gloves and run your fingers through the floor to see how many there are - if they're abundant then it's likely that we have a serious problem.

Fleas, as many people know, love to live in warm and moist places. That's why it's worse for your pup during the summer months! The flea season slows down a bit in wintertime (though not completely) but you have to keep in mind the warmth of your home provides the ideal environment for fleas during the colder months.

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