Professional Wasp Control Service

So you see a wasp in your garden? Most of the time, these insects don't have any interest for people.

Wasps eat pests such as flies and various other bugs which are naturally found around homes or even yards. Sometimes though, some species can indeed be dangerous to humans. There is only one thing that all types of this insect share: they will avoid attacking if possible - no matter what their size maybe!

Take care when approaching them at close range because stings from females can cause pain up 5 days afterward! The best way to tell apart different varieties is by looking at the shape and coloration on its abdomen.

Wasps are a notable pest for those who enjoy spending time outside and have an allergy to wasp stings. Unlike bees, they do not leave behind their stingers after administering one so if someone is allergic then they will be most likely in danger of being attacked over and over again which can lead to severe consequences like death or others that may result from such reactions as bad asthma attacks.

Sign of Infestation

Tiny wasps are often found in a variety of different places, from your garden to the inside of your attic. They can be hard to spot but they do have symptoms that you may notice if there is one living nearby. Watch out for yellow areas on trees and buildings where nests could potentially reside as well as sawdust piles, honeycomb residue, or chewed leaves near ground level or windowsills-these all point towards an infestation!

The first step should always be identifying what type of insect it is since not only will this help with diagnosis but also find-and-destroy methods such as sprays and traps: Yellowjackets must attack live prey while paper wasp colonies tend to consume dead insects.

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