Japanese Beetle Pest Control Service

Japanese beetles were first found in this country in 1916, after being accidentally introduced into New Jersey. Until that time, this insect was known to occur only occurred Japan where it is not a major pest.

This pest has the ability to destroy roses and grapes while adults are 1/2 inch-long metallic green and bronze beetles best know for their row of white tufts on the side below its wing covers. The larvae (immature stages), which also have white grubs can be seen from late summer through winter until about June when they emerge as an adult.

The Japanese beetle is a small insect with big consequences: it feeds on hundreds of plants without discrimination but has favorites like roses which can make them hard for many people to avoid contact with these insects who do not discriminate when it comes to what type of plant they feed on because they destroy crop damage every year and affect millions throughout America.

Japanese beetles are a terrible pest of plants. The adults feed on more than 300 plant species, whereas the grubs feed mainly on grassroots and leaves. They skeletonize by feeding between major veins and give them an intricate appearance which is called lace-like in nature. Damaged leaves turn brown or may fall off to expose bare patches where larval populations have been active for some time.

Sign of Infestation

The beetle larvae feed on plant leaves and can cause significant damage to crops, such as corn or soybeans.

Mature Japanese beetles are easy enough to spot with the naked eye when you're close enough to your plant that is being attacked.
Plant damage: Beetles begin feasting on the plant fiber of outdoor leaves, leaving nothing but leaf skeletons behind in their wake-only a few veins remain intact.
Adult beetles can be seen flying around as they feed off foliage from your garden and cause significant destruction along the way!

While both adult beetles or larvae might do some minor physical damages by themselves- such as chewing on leaves - their infestation also invites other pests like molds which are much more serious problems for your plants in general health than either pest would have been alone.

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