Fungus Control Expert Service

Fungus is any group of spore-producing organisms feeding on organic matter, including molds and yeast. While they are either classified as mushrooms or toadstools, there's one that you don't want at your next dinner party: the toxic Amanita Muscaria mushroom which can be distinguished by its red cap with white spots.

It's easy for a fungus to take hold and thrive if moisture is introduced into your home. With ample oxygen, food sources such as wood members in or around the area of concern, warm conditions from natural heaters like radiators or central heating units that supply warmth throughout the space-a fungus can propagate quickly causing significant damage not only on its own but additionally by potentially contributing to the degradation of support beams which keep your house intact.

Sign of Infestation

Fungus infests homes when there is enough moisture in the property for fungi to grow. Water-related issues from leaky pipes inside your basement, a malfunctioning appliance outside of it, or over-watered plants on both sides can all be causes of fungus infestation.

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