Carpenter Ants Pest Control Services

Carpenter ants are large, black insects with a wingless queen and worker carpenter ants. Carpenter ant colonies usually consist of one to three queens who may produce as many as 100 eggs per day in warm weather; the colony size varies greatly depending on food availability.

Carpenter Ants can be found all over North America but live most commonly near moist wooded areas where they hunt for dead or dying trees.

Carpenter ants are small but the damage they can cause is not. They make their nests in damp dead wood and create tunnels so that they can easily navigate through structures like homes and businesses to access food sources such as sugar-filled fruits left out on counters by homeowners unaware of how quickly this pest spreads throughout an entire building.

Sign of Infestation

Carpenter ants are a common household pest that can be difficult to get rid of. These pesky insects cause damage by chewing on wood and other materials, typically in damp areas like basements or crawlspaces where they cannot escape the moisture.

Finding wood-destroying pests early can be difficult, but it's crucial.

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Frass (fine sawdust) on floors or the ground next to walls or clung to them around tiny pin-sized holes
  • Galleries of tunnels running through structural wood around your home.
  • Hollow-sounding wooden parts in and outside your house.

If you have carpenter ants residing near your home, there is likely an infestation nearby as well - look for cracks around windowsills, doorsills, and baseboards which may lead these pests into the house during wet weather conditions (such as rain).

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