Black Widow Spider Pest Control Service

Black widows are found in North America and the United Kingdom. They are most recognized for their infamous red hourglass pattern on the underside of their abdomen, which is often depicted as a warning sign to avoid being bitten by these fabled spiders.

They primarily feed on other insects, especially soft-bodied flying ones such as moths or mosquitoes that become entangled in their web. When a small creature becomes ensnared by its prey's sticky silk strands, black widow spiders quickly bite them with venomous fangs to paralyze it before wrapping the victim uptight for later consumption while they make another meal of something else nearby.

Male Black Widows have not been known to attack humans under any circumstances - this is why females get all the attention.

Although fatalities are rare and they only bite when threatened or provoked, this spider's venom has been reported to have 15 times more potency than that of a rattlesnake's!

The black widow also produces neurotoxins that affect muscles and cause aches throughout your entire body; it may even make breathing difficult.

Sign of Infestation

One of the most obvious signs that a spider infestation is underway in your home or on your property is webs. Black widow spiders usually construct messy and irregular webs located near ground level while other types like to spin their silk within high up places for safety from predators such as birds.

Finding a silken sac - which holds eggs - could be another sign you have an invasion happening underfoot; black widows generally produce huge egg cases where they spend four days before laying each batch of tiny eggs inside them.

If you're seeing anyone or more of these symptoms it's time to call professional exterminators who can get rid of little arachnids quickly!

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