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Like it or not, your house is as attractive to critters like spiders, roaches, and mice as it is to you. If you suspect you've got some unwelcome tenants, give us a call and we'll arrive at your home or business in short order to analyze the situation. We'll inspect your property inside and out to figure out who's living in the far reaches of your home or business -- and what damage they might be doing.

Once we've diagnosed the circumstances and established a plan to eliminate your pest(s), we'll make regular, ongoing visits to the property to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that your home or business remains pest-free.
Over the past 50-plus years, we've had many opportunities to really get to know termites. We understand their behaviors, their favorite places to hide, what they like to eat, how they react to different treatments - and how resilient they are. That's why so many customers trust Ortex and our decades of experience treating termite infestations. From liquid treatments to foam and more, we come to the project armed with the appropriate tools to win your battle with termites.
Don't forget about the most important part of your home - the foundation! Keep your home healthy from the bottom-up by making sure you have the proper foundation vents installed to eliminate damaging moisture in your crawlspace. This is such an easy, important step that can save you costly repairs later. Call us today to have one of our specialists determine the best type of foundation vents for your home.
In addition to foundation vents, waterproofing the foundation of your home with a moisture barrier is important in preventing structural decay and fungus growth altogether. You can reduce the moisture in your crawlspace 50% just by having a moisture barrier installed. Keep your home dry by stopping moisture in your crawl space before it starts.
There are several types of wood decaying fungus your home can fall victim to due to moisture in your crawlspace. If this happens to your home, you will want to seek services from a professional to immediately eradicate the problem. Our team of professionals can help determine the best method of treatment and take care of the problem safely and effectively.