Argentine Ants Extermination

The Argentine ant is the most common species of ants in Southern California. They are a small, dark-colored ant about 3 mm (1/8 inch) long and invade homes looking for food and water. The Argentinians have a peculiar preference for sweets but will feed on anything they can find including other insects or plants.

These ants pose an extreme threat to native wildlife by upsetting delicate food webs due to their aggressive nature combined with enormous colony sizes that may team up with colonies from other areas.

Argentine ants from different colonies will team up and attack together in vast swarms. They simply outnumber their enemies, overpowered by sheer numbers alone. Argentine ants are a terrible nuisance because they protect scale insects and aphids; without them, the buds of your prized roses would be eaten alive before you could even say "ouch." These industrious little bugs receive sweet honeydew from those pests as payment for protecting them! In addition to ruining fruit crops like figs (Ficus carica) on which wasps rely for food, these devilish red creatures invade orchard trees themselves - destroying all the harvest with ruthless efficiency.

The efficient but nefarious nature of Argentine Ants is what has earned it such an infamous reputation.

Sign of Infestation

Argentine ants are a type of "trailing" ant which means that thousands of ants will walk single file following a trail for up to 200 feet or longer from their nesting area to food sources. This long, winding line is one major indicator that these types have nested nearby your home.

Finding them in areas where there is moisture like around pipes, behind appliances, and bathroom areas- anywhere you find water; large numbers crawling everywhere such as on beds, furniture, and clothing -or pantries refrigerators-on any surface near liquids people consume daily!

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