What Attracts Pests And How To Keep Them Away?

Why do pests prefer certain areas Ortex Pest

Have you ever noticed that certain pests gravitate to specific places? You see this at night with moths and other flying insects being attracted to light. Another example is wasps making their nests in the eaves and overhangs of your home.

While different pests have different preferences, they all search for the same three things: food, water, and a conducive environment. Unfortunately, your home is the perfect place for these unwanted visitors to have all their needs met.

Understanding why they enjoy your home so much helps you learn how to keep them away.



Pests need to eat. What they eat can be a variety of things. Cockroaches love devouring crumbs and other bits of food found in the kitchen, while bed bugs prefer human blood. Knowing what pests like to eat helps you know where you might find them.

Some of the most common places you find these unwanted visitors looking for food are:

Kitchen: When it comes to food, the kitchen is a paradise for unwanted critters. From tiny crumbs to food left on dirty dishes in the sink, a wide variety of pests could be attracted to your kitchen. Cockroaches, ants, spiders, and bigger intruders such as mice and rats are the most common examples.

Playrooms/children’s rooms: Wherever there is food being left out, there will be pests. In any rooms where children eat meals or snacks, you may start seeing pests appearing.

Bedroom: While other bugs may not be interested, for bed bugs, your bedroom is a sanctuary. Because these little critters feed on human blood, your body provides them with an endless supply of food all night long while you sleep.

Dressers and/or closets: Any place you have clothes, you have the potential for moths. While it’s not the adult moths feeding on the clothes, their larvae can do some damage. And what’s on their menu? They love clothes made from animal fibers such as fur, cashmere, wool, or angora.



A good water source is important to insects. Some insects drink the water. Others with very dry bodies must absorb the moisture from the air to ensure they don’t dry out and die. Just a few of the pests you find around water are silverfish, earwigs, pill bugs, water bugs, and cockroaches.

These types of pests are attracted to any space where there is water, dampness, or high humidity. Areas like your patio, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, attic, or basement are perfect places for these critters to thrive. Also, any place in your house you have leaky pipes attracts these types of pests. This includes under cabinets, around water heaters, or plumbing in walls.

Any standing water you have outside will be a big draw to mosquitos and other insects that can then make their way inside.


Conducive Environment

Everybody wants a comfortable place to live and pests are no different. Of course, what that environment looks like is different for each little critter.

Just as some prefer damp environments with high humidity, other pests, like the Parthenolecanium quercifex (also called “oak scales”), prefer hotter climates. In one study, data reveal the correlation between hotter cities and the increase in these insects in the city’s oak trees.

Other insects also prefer warmer environments, which means your home is the ideal place for them to seek refuge during the cold winter months. Stink bugs, beetles, box elders, spiders, and cockroaches are just a few such pests.

Light is another important factor when it comes to the environment. Some of your unwanted visitors are repelled by an exposure to light and others are drawn toward it. This behavior response is called phototaxis.

Critters with a negative phototaxis, such as cockroaches, run away when exposed to light. On the other hand, insects with a positive phototaxis, such as moths and certain flies, are instinctively drawn to the light.


Protecting Your Home

Calling the professionals at the first signs of unwanted visitors ensures your infestation doesn’t get out of hand. Protect your family and your home with pest control services from our team of experts.

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