Why pest control program is important


An occasional animal visitor at home isn’t a cause for concern, but it can quickly become a problem when they decide to stay. Americans have spent over $6 billion in residential and commercial pest control, which tells a story about the scope of the nationwide dilemma. Are pests annoying, or are there more important reasons to call a pest control company like Ortex?

When to Call the Ortex Pest Control Experts

Pest infestations do a lot of damage, and the longer they persist, the more difficult intruders will be to remove. Ortex sees the following issues regularly with these types of pests:

Venomous Insects and Spiders

Spiders and many insects use venom to protect themselves against predators in the wild and kill prey. Spider bites can be particularly painful or require surgery. If infections develop, bites from venomous pests can be serious.

Wasps and Bees

Wasps, hornets, and bees are prone to stinging when trapped inside a house, and stings are very painful. However, many people are also highly allergic to bee stings, which can lead to anaphylaxis. While the occasional stray bee in your kitchen doesn’t pose too much of a threat, it’s essential to remove any hives or wasp nests immediately with the right equipment.


A mouse as a pet is great, but unwanted rodents cause devastation in a home. Rodents are vectors for many diseases, often carrying E. coli and Salmonella bacteria on their hands and feet that could easily transfer to your food or surfaces.

Rodents also do a lot of structural damage to all sorts of items and building materials. They rip up fabric, chew through sofas, and gnaw at wood sidings for their nests. A large rodent colony may even weaken a building’s wooden structures, including floorboards and drywall that cost thousands in repairs or replacement.


In addition to being creepy, cockroaches are some of the filthiest animals on earth. These insects bring all of that filth into your home and reproduce rapidly. Cockroaches are also largely resistant to insecticides and other traditional pest control measures that you might try from the store.

The droppings and shells produce allergens that can trigger severe allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Cockroaches also travel through sewers, so you can keep your house spotless and still suffer disease and other ill effects with an unchecked cockroach infestation.

Bed Bugs

As the most tenacious pests in a home, bed bugs rely on their rapid lifecycle to keep them comfortably entrenched in warm spaces near their favorite food: human blood. They are notoriously difficult to eradicate from textiles, wood, and many other hiding spots. These insects are also heat-resistant, which allows them to spread from household to household with ease.

If you do happen to be an unlucky candidate for their bite, you might wake up covered in itchy, red spots. However, these pests can also produce severe allergic reactions and make a good night’s sleep almost impossible.


If you have a wooden home or furnishings, termites might be your worst nightmare. These insects are masters at hiding deep inside wooden structures, slowly eating them away from the inside. Termites cost Americans over $5 billion in property damage repairs a year, and treating the wood is not always enough to prevent an infestation.

Reducing The Risk of Pest Infestation

By the time you see a mouse or cockroach in the kitchen, you likely have an infestation. Most pests are excellent at hiding until their numbers become unmanageable. If you see a pest, call Ortex for assistance from a reliable and affordable pest control company.

At Ortex Termite & Pest Control, we believe the adage that prevention is better than cure. By implementing a pest control program, you can reduce the risk of pests moving into your home.

Our expert tips for pest control include:

  • Keep the building in good repair. If your building is waterproof, it’s also difficult for larger animals, like mice, to find their way inside.
  • Use wire mesh, drain covers, and insect screens to pest-proof your home. The fewer insects you allow into the building, the less chance there is of future problems.
  • Conduct regular inspections. Look for signs of an infestation, but also call in the Ortex team for regular inspections. If you live in an area prone to pests, you should schedule our services once or twice a year before the change of the season.
  • Keep risky areas clean. Pests love the easy access to food, so airtight containers and clean surfaces can make your home less enticing.

If you suspect an infestation, contact Ortex Termite & Pest Control for a free estimate today and say goodbye to your pest problems. 

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