Ways To Get Rid Of Pests With Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Treat pests in a green way Ortex Pest

Despite their wide availability, chemical pesticides contain substances dangerous to people and the environment and leave especially harmful effects that can wreak havoc on nature and end up in vital water sources. Luckily, companies like Ortex can provide environmentally friendly pest control methods that don’t leave a large carbon footprint.

Seven Methods for Green Pest Control

You don’t automatically have to resort to using pesticides or insecticides on your land as part of your pest control regimen. Consider several environmentally safe, green ways to ensure your home, yard, and garden receive necessary protection from pests.

  1. Put Your Garden to Work

You can plant various herbs in your garden to repel pests indoors and out, such as ants and roaches:

  •       Thyme
  •       Lemongrass
  •       Lavender
  •       Basil

These plants may also be beneficial for cooking or natural remedies. Certain herbs also bring beneficial insects and predators of these pests, such as honeybees and spiders. Be selective about the herbs you plant, as some may attract other pests.

  1. Spread Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a type of powder made from fossilized algae. The sharp, microscopic edges of each grain of diatomaceous earth cause physical damage to insects rather than being toxic to them. Diatomaceous earth makes an ideal treatment for infestations of fleas, maggots, roaches, ants, and other pests and does not harm pets, humans, or the environment.

Spread it along the perimeters of your home’s rooms and vacuum it up when necessary, or sprinkle it outside for effective pest protection in your yard or garden.

  1. Use What’s in Your Pantry or Fridge

Your pantry and fridge also hold excellent green solutions for pest control. Sprinkle bold seasonings such as cinnamon, pepper, or cayenne along your windowsills to stop bugs in their tracks, or place them around the house as necessary.

Additionally, you can put cucumber peels in central pest locations in your kitchen to deter ants. Pests have sensitivity to strong smells, so you can also spread your coffee grounds at critical places in your yard after making your morning cup of joe, or set onion slices outside to fend off aphids, mosquitoes, and beetles.

  1. Attract Natural Predators

Setting up bird feeders can attract predators that eat insects, such as birds, squirrels, and even bees. Natural predators also serve as excellent pest control treatment as they eat spiders, caterpillars, and other insects. Beware, however, as attracting natural predators can draw animals you won’t want to mess with, such as bears or coyotes.

If your natural predator problem gets out of control, a pest control service can provide other methods for treating pests in a greener way.

  1. Introduce Mulch

Try a trick that farmers have used for years to keep pests away: mulching around your home and yard. However, you need to know which types of mulch to use, as mulch can also be a breeding ground for spiders and other unwanted pests rather than keeping them away. Cedar and cypress mulch are effective types for pest control, as the wood contains oils and chemicals that deter pests. You can also use mulch effectively to prevent weeds from growing in your yard.

  1. Inspect Leaves Outside and Indoors

A regular leaf inspection can also identify the potential for pest infestations indoors and outdoors. Check plant leaves for signs of pests, including holes in the leaves, chew marks, or discoloration. Be sure to also look for signs of disease and remove any affected plants to reduce the spread, as disease mainly attracts pests.

Aphids are among the most common pests that attack plants in your garden and inside your home, while spider mites and whiteflies are also prevalent for houseplants.

  1. Employ Natural Cleaning Solutions

Strong-smelling, natural cleaning solutions with essential oils make excellent choices to treat pests in a green way, as they dislike the odors of various herbs. You can make a solution by diluting white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and adding several drops of peppermint or another essential oil that deters pests.

Citrus oils also prove effective at deterring pests. You can use leftover lemon, orange, or lime peels if you don’t have access to essential oils such as eucalyptus, clove, or tea tree oil for your natural cleaning solution.

You don’t only have to rely on harmful chemicals to treat pests. Ortex understands the importance of a green solution for pest control and offers such options. If you’re interested in the green pest control treatment, call our team today at (931) 213-7181.


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