Things to Do Before Pest Control Take Over Your Home

Things you should do before your next pest control treatment Ortex Pest

Pests such as cockroaches, bedbugs, and termites require serious pest control treatments to take care of infestations and stop the dangers and inconveniences that come with them. After hiring a pest control company such as Ortex to give your home a pest control treatment, it’s beneficial for both the pest control operator and yourself if you do your part to prepare your home before the appointment. The more you prepare your home for pest control services, the more effective they will be.

Six Tips for Preparing for Your Next Pest Control Treatment

Although pest control effectively penetrates the smallest cracks and crevices in your home, pest control doesn’t fix everything. You must also take the proper actions to prepare your rooms and surfaces for treatment; otherwise, you risk a reinfestation because the pest control service is not as effective as it could be. Read on to find out what the pest control professionals from Ortex have to say about what to do before a pest control treatment.

  1. Improve Access

Your pest control professional needs to reach all areas of your home to effectively treat it for ants, bedbugs, rodents, and other pests. Pests like to live and hide in dark, potentially dirty areas, such as corners of rooms, under the kitchen sink, and in closets. You can significantly assist your pest control operator by moving furniture, storage bins, appliances, and other items out of the way so they can reach these areas to treat them.

  1. Clean Your Home

Keeping your home clean and organized may be an enormous task when you’re already dealing with a pest infestation, but it goes a long way in ensuring treatment effectiveness. Be sure to remove trash from bins, vacuum all areas of the home, and wipe down as many surfaces as possible. Make sure to wash bedding, towels, and clothing to kill pests in them, such as bedbugs or fleas.

  1. Pack Bedding and Other Items

The chemicals pest control operators use for treatments are harsh and dangerous for humans and pets to encounter. You’ll need to pack away the following items before your pest control appointment to avoid coming into contact with chemical treatments:

  •       Clean bedding, clothing, shoes, and other washable fabric items
  •       Children’s toys
  •       Towels and all toiletries
  •       Paper products
  •       Pet toys, bedding, and other items
  •       Paintings and decorative indoor plants
  1. Repair Structural Issues

Destructive pests such as mice and squirrels in your walls can chew through drywall, while termites feast on wooden beams. Before a pest control treatment, you should repair any damaged areas in your home where these pests may enter again. This also includes sealing doors and windows with weatherstripping.

Repairing these damaged areas keeps pests from returning or building a home somewhere in your residence. Additionally, when pests such as termites cause significant problems with your home’s structural beams and foundation, repairing these issues makes it safer for pest control professionals to treat your home.

  1. Remove or Properly Store Food and Perishables

Homeowners must store food and other perishable items in special bags designed to protect against the fumes from termites and other pest control treatments. This includes boxed and resealable food and even pet food and the items in your freezer. Your pest control specialist may offer these bags, or you may have to buy them. Otherwise, you can double bag your items with plastic bags and stick them in the fridge.

Removing these items from the home offers another equally efficient way to protect them. Additionally, you don’t have to spend money on extra storage solutions.

  1. Make Temporary Arrangements Away From Home

In treatment cases such as bug bombing and termite tenting, you’ll need to spend a few nights away from your home for the treatment to take place and kill the pests effectively, as these treatments are harmful to breathe. Be sure to make temporary living arrangements away from your home in advance, and don’t forget to take your pets with you, even those in tanks.

Vehicles can also be at risk of chemical exposure during these treatments. You’ll need to park your cars far from your home, as even your driveway can be too close to fumigation treatments, especially if you have a small property.

A professional pest control operator can give you more tips on best preparing your home before a pest control treatment. Contact Ortex Pest Control Services by calling (931) 213-7181 to speak with a pest control expert today.



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