7 Ways to Keep Rats Away from Your Home

7 Ways to Keep Rats Away from Your Home Ortex Pest

The demand for rat control services and products is high, especially in urban areas, where every homeowner fears the day when they might discover a rat scurrying across the floor. Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in the same house for years, rats can invade any property under the right conditions. So firstly look at how to know if you have mice or rats infestations in your house and then look for solution.

Rats come in many different colors and sizes. Females can produce up to 84 offspring a year, making them a resilient pest to remove once they’ve nested on your property.

Keep rats away from your home by practicing the best pest control methods. The rodent experts at ORTEX list seven ways to prevent rodents from overrunning your home.

1.   Keep the Home Clean

Rat problems usually start when one stumbles upon an accessible food source in the home. They tend to set up shop in buildings they can easily feed themselves. Keeping your home clean, particularly your kitchen, discourages a rat infestation.

Rats and mice will also rummage through trash to find food. You should cover and remove waste from your home to deter rats from exploring your garbage.

Seal your food correctly in bags and containers so that this pest cannot contaminate your products. Rats carry various forms of disease and pass them on by touching food and leaving droppings in open containers.

2.   Block Cracks and Holes

Rats navigate the home through the safe passages between your walls and floor. Check your home for vulnerable cracks or holes that may be entry points for rodents. Some of these holes are harder to find because they are behind furniture like refrigerators or cabinets.

You won’t be able to seal some holes. These may be where cables or pipes run through the walls. If you suspect such a hole is an entry point for rats, use traps to discourage them from getting too far.

3.   Maintain Your Yard and Garden

Rats don’t naturally live in the walls of buildings. They nest in the vegetation and gardens of the surrounding property. Rodents feed on nutrients from plant life and other animals and do an excellent job of hiding in these environments.

You can discourage rat nesting by regularly trimming your garden and lawn and removing dead grass. Keeping pests out of your yards lowers the risk of finding them in your home.

4.   Reduce the Collection of Water in and Around the Home

Rats are thirsty little critters. They like to live in areas with lots of moisture to ensure they get enough water to survive. Keep them away from your home by cleaning up damp spaces.

Check plumbing for leaks or any spaces in the attic or basement that collect water.

Moist gardens are also at risk. Rats will nest in these areas, so reduce water buildup to encourage them to look elsewhere.

5.   Keep an Eye on Wood Around the Home

Firewood stacked too close to the home can lead pests straight to your door. This habit is especially typical in rural areas and farms. Rats chew on many materials and nest in woody elements like lumber and compost.

Rats are also terrific climbers. Once they find an accessible path, they tend to reuse it. Trimming your trees and climbing foliage around the property denies them access to the roof and windows of your home.

6.   Bait and Traps

When all else fails, it may be time to consider baiting and trapping these rodents. Traps of all different styles and functions are available on the market. Traditional spring traps are effective, but non-lethal traps work just as well.

Pet food and other small bites of snacks are great options for rat bait. Placing the bait around entry points or your garbage container will likely tempt them toward the trap.

Rats are more intelligent than they look. Be sure to release them far away from the property if you catch one alive. Avoid keeping rat poison or traps that use chemicals around pets or children as they create severe health risks.

7.   Hire Help

Hiring pest control professionals will solve your rodent problem quickly. Extermination crews offer a combination of solutions to remove rats and prevent future infestations. It’s best to partner with teams you can trust.

ORTEX is a leader in the rodent control industry and provides hundreds of homeowners quality service every year. Our experienced crew of exterminators uses modern tools and strategies to remove rodents, termites, and other pests from your home.

Keep rats at bay. Contact us at ORTEX in Clarksville, TN, or call our number at (931) 213-7181.

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