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No matter where you live, you will eventually have to deal with unwanted visitors to your property. If that intrusion turns out to be an unwanted pest infestation, you need to call a pest control company like Ortex. The sooner you show these intruders the door, the better.

Five Signs You Need to Call a Reliable Pest Control Company

Most pests can do a lot of damage to a home or commercial property in a very short time. Many will spread diseases, and eradicating them quickly is the best way to safeguard the premises and those who live or work there. Below, the Ortex pest control professionals discuss five signs that you need immediate professional assistance before those uninvited pests go full throttle on a home invasion.

#1 Evidence of Droppings

Every pest has to heed the call of nature, and droppings are often the first sign of an imminent infestation. You can find droppings near food sources, such as the pantry. Pests also leave traces in dark, safe spaces, like your basement, crawl space, or attic.

The type of droppings you find will give you a clue as to the pest’s identity. For example, rodents have large, conical droppings while insects leave tiny, black dots behind.

#2 Grimy Surfaces

Many pests spend their time rummaging through dirty areas and then tramp the grime back into your home. If you’re meticulous about cleaning, it is frustrating to realize that your home’s surfaces still feel grimy and oily. Maybe you have a pest problem.

#3 Suspicious Noises

If you’re starting to suspect that your house is haunted, pests are likely to blame. Most pests move around during the night when the house or office is at its quietest. If suspicious noises are keeping you awake, listen for the telltale scuttle of rodent paws or other sounds like:

  • Scurrying
  • Flapping
  • Whining
  • Rustling
  • Squealing

These noises may also come from outside the building as outdoor pests travel around your home’s perimeter. The noises might travel through your walls or roof and directly into your imagination. Strange noises might not be a sign of an infestation—you may just have an unlucky mouse trapped in your attic—but it is best to take corrective action if these noises persist or you notice other signs.

#4 Strange Smells

Pests are stinky. In addition to decaying feces and urine, many pests produce unique smells. For example, cockroaches have a distinctive, musty smell that often emanates from the kitchen.

If you have a mouse nest with rotting food and scraps of garbage or a prolonged pest infestation that’s trailing dead bodies all over the house, the smell of decay will become stronger with each passing day. If you find persistent and unpleasant smells after a clean, you might have a large pest infestation on your hands.

It will be difficult to detect the scent of a lone animal or insect. However, a whole colony will provide you with an olfactory experience you might never forget.

#5 Other Visual Evidence

Seeing live or dead pests presents the most obvious sign of a pest problem. You will often catch cockroaches scuttling into dark crevices or mice moving along the floorboards. Other pests don’t bother to hide, like obvious bed bugs, lines of marching ants, and other pests moving to and from the nearest food source.

While seeing living pests is a great reason to call a pest control company, it is best not to ignore dead or shredding creatures. It may not indicate as serious a problem as a live infestation, but the issue needs quick remediation to stop it from growing wings the following season. A bug spray or strategically placed traps might be good enough to handle one rat or a few cockroaches, but they can’t deal with an infestation.

Where there are adult pests, there are offspring getting ready to take over your home with the next generation. A professional pest company like Ortex understands the life cycle of all types of pests, and we know how to stop the problem from reoccurring the following season. Our trained professionals also have access to more sophisticated pest control methods than store-bought options, and we use them safely.

If you notice any signs of an infestation, it is better to have our professional team come and inspect your residential or commercial property to prevent pests from making themselves at home. Call Ortex Pest Control Services at (931) 213-7186 today and let us solve your pest problems. 


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